I’ve been a Marketing Automation and expert for nearly a decade, and can help you understand this ever-changing landscape, make great choices, and make sure you are getting the most value out of your technology spend.  Here are some of the ways I can help!

  • System selection — If you don’t have marketing automation and you think you need it — you probably do! It’s easy to make the wrong decision and overspend, or to go all-in with a system that isn’t going to grow with your business. I take a structured approach to learn your business use case, and recommend the right tool that fits your budget and your use case with a heavy focus on total cost of ownership (protip: the software cost isn’t going to be the biggest cost of your MA implementation.  I can help you budget and plan for what it will really cost to be successful.)
  • New implementations — When you get a new Marketo, it’s a blank canvas.  It is yours to configure, and now is the time to establish best practices and good habits.  Do you really want to become an expert at installing, configuring, and deploying this complex tool? Do you want to have to live with the inevitable mistakes you’ll make? (spoiler alert: you don’t, on either count.) I’ve set up Marketo for dozens of companies, small,  large, and very large, and have developed simple best practices and naming conventions that will pay off in spades.  Not only am I a Marketo Certified Expert, I’ve earned Marketo’s highest certification as a solution architect: Marketo Certified Solutions Architect.
  • Audit, assessment, cleanup — if you’ve had your MA platform for a few years, it is no doubt full of “stuff” you’ve accumulated over the years. This “stuff” can create confusion, cause system performance issues, and even cost you money or cause unintended consequences (compliance issues, tactical errors in targeting campaigns, etc.).  Does that old campaign still have the right criteria? Am I really excluding our competitors from my nurture campaigns? Am I running afoul of CAN-SPAM, CASL, or GDPR? Can you answer those questions confidently? If no, I offer a detailed assessment of the current state of your platform and right-sized recommendations to get your MA platform back under control.
  • CRM integration + Sales and Marketing Alignment — this is where the rubber hits the road, and these two services go hand in hand. Sure, you have to configure the technology correctly. But as a marketer, you also have to make sure your sales team knows what to do with the leads you are handing off.  Ever heard any of these? “Marketing leads are garbage.”  “I have my own system — isn’t helping me“. I can help sales teams and marketing teams get on the same page.
  • Data hygiene & management — another place where the rubber hits the road. Can’t figure out why your response rates are so low? Been nurturing the same leads for too long? Is your database at capacity? Got duplicates? Got 5 copies of every lead? (it happens.) I can help you clean up your database, identify new sources of data, recommend and configure tools to help manage data quality, and services to help enhance your data so you can know more about your leads, prospects, and customers.
  • Custom development — want to integrate your MA platform with a homegrown tool, or some other platform that doesn’t have a native integration? Want real-time marketing alerts in Slack? Want to automate that painful and error-prone daily file upload process? I’ve been building stuff like that for decades.  Fast and high-quality custom dev!
  • Strategic technology consulting — especially in the Martech stack, platforms come and go very quickly. Heck, entire categories of platforms come and go. I can help you get your head around the current landscape, avoid the temptation of shiny object syndrome, and take a strategic approach to your tech stack. I have relationships with many key vendors in the space, and can help make sure you apply the right tools and technologies to your business use cases, and ensure you are getting the most value from your technology spend!