The Sphere

Xerosphere isn't really interested in typical client-vendor relationships. Not only do we experience partnership with our clients, we encourage partnership and collaboration among our clients. This way our successes become cumulative, economies of scale can emerge, administrative overhead diminishes and everybody gains. We are a collective of associates with a wide variety of competencies in a broad range of areas. The perfect team of experts can be organized around your project! Just a few of the professionals and organizations who are in the mix are:

  • Jim Ruberto - The nucleus of this little network. software guru, web designer, multimedia producer, geek.
  • Urban Bricks Creative Design - home of design guru Celia Herrera, and collective of entrepreneurs and seasoned city dwellers. Urban Bricks brings the elements of digital media, visual arts, culture, education, and urban lifestyle to a compelling new level.
  • The Geek Gene, LLC - these dudes are geeks! software engineering, rapid application development, VOIP experts, Congo database technology, IT systems, you name it.
  • Nuance Intelligence - forward-thinking advisement, cutting-edge insight, they can see for miles and miles...
  • Michael Ruberto - a versatile design professional with capabilities in design research, type design, information architecture, publication design, wayfinding and project management.
  • Colorado Local First - Colorado's only directory for locally-owned businesses. Xerosphere loves local business, and is a proud member of The Mile High Business Alliance.
  • When you build your relationships with Xerosphere, you are not only receiving the best of the best services from us and our network, you also become part of the network. Your relationship with Xerosphere will pay off in ways you would hardly imagine. Xerosphere is a proud member of