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WordPress vs. Drupal and Reducing TCO No Matter Which: Part 1

Here begins a series of articles on how best to 1) decide on a CMS and 2) manage its deployment & management with an eye towards total cost of ownership.

Drupal and WordPress are at two extreme ends of a continuum that has simplicity at one end, and flexibility at the other.

Is 2010 the year for Linux on the Desktop?

It is for me!  I have finally made the leap -- on a test basis anyway.  I sat down and took a long, hard look at what my laptop needs are, and felt pretty good that they could be met with the open source tools.  In the midst of hemming and hawing over whether or not to commit some time to installing & getting used to a new operating system, the deal breaker happened:  Ironically, it was in the form of receiving an .xslx file which made my vintage copy of MS Office choke.  I read an article confirming that the latest version of OpenOffice can work with the new-fashi

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