WordPress vs. Drupal and Reducing TCO No Matter Which: Part 1

Here begins a series of articles on how best to 1) decide on a CMS and 2) manage its deployment & management with an eye towards total cost of ownership.

Drupal and WordPress are at two extreme ends of a continuum that has simplicity at one end, and flexibility at the other.

Optimizing Suhosin for Drupal

Its authors describe it best: "Suhosin is an advanced protection system for PHP installations."

What the Suhosin patch does is it sets some limits for particular resource usages, prevents some possible buffer overflows, protects against some common vulnerabilities, and so on and so forth.  Full feature list is here.  For the most part, it prevents others (and you!) from being able to do bad things on and to your server.

Optimizing APC for Drupal

APC is the Alternative PHP Cache, an opcode cache for PHP, or as its developers describe it: "APC is a free, open, and robust framework for caching and optimizing PHP intermediate code."  If your eyes just glazed over or you can't make sense of that last quote, you may now walk away.

Copy multiple MySQL databases from server to server, securely

I had to migrate a multi-site installation of Drupal from one server to another, and devised a way to copy all the relevant MySQL databases from the old server to the new server with a single bash command. It is secure as it is piped through SSH. Hope someone finds this useful.

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