I'll be honest with you, I mostly shuttered this consultancy quite a few years ago, but I'm really enjoying watching the aging process of this site, the value proposition of this old consultancy, and the content here. If you do need services of the sort that would lead you here/to me, please reach out and I'll be happy to make a referral, I still have a really great network of all sorts of digital professionals. If you happen to work at a mid-market or enterprise sized company and you need Real Revenue Transformation(tm), please check out http://intelligentdemand.com/ and get in touch there!

Xerosphere is an organically grown network of designers, developers, engineers, thought leaders, marketers, business leaders, artists, consultants, entrepreneurs, technologists, and people so talented they defy categorization. Based in Denver, Colorado, Xerosphere serves local, regional, national and international clients in a variety of capacities. With expertise in business development, software design, community building, web design, finance, market strategy, accounting, multimedia production, currencies and other unexpected fields, Xerosphere can be your consultant and your partner and help you grow your business, whatever your resources may be. For instance, we can help you:

  • Slash communications costs by adopting VOIP technology
  • Overhaul your aging web site
  • Anticipate technological and market changes
  • Manage your customer relationships efficiently and profitably
  • Devise IT solutions that actually work!
  • Identify new and emerging markets for your products
  • Create incredible multimedia presentations and marketing materials

That's just a small set of the core competencies represented. We are here to help. Let us know how.

What's in a name?

Xero- (prefix): Dry. From the Greek "xeros" meaning "dry."  In forestry, this extrapolates out to a mean a plant that is well adapted to dry, arid conditions.  It sure is dry here in Colorado, and we've co-opted the term into a more metaphorical sense, and it resonates deeply with our ability to thrive in a resource-poor environment.  Look, we don't have money to burn and we know you don't either.  Our "virtual agency" approach has very low overhead and all the professionals involved at Xerosphere are aligned with the notion that we don't need fancy offices or administrative assistants to be highly effective at what we do.  We embrace agile development methods and radical collaboration tools to bring high value to our clients at very low cost.  Our intention is to be sustainable, and our gift is to help you apply these same principles in your organization, whatever your resources may be.